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Experimental Telepathy

Spontaneous Telepathy

Telepathy Between Human Beings and Animals


Accounts of Cases

Description of Various Methods Used by Public Performers for Effecting Their So-called Transmission of Thought


Public Experiments

Private Experiments

Experiments before Committees

Importance of Establishing Genuine Telepathy as a Scientific Fact

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There are several theories to explain the action of telepathy. The first compares JLto wireless telegraphy. On this hypothesis it is supposed that it is due to ethereal wave action: Thought causes motion in the brain cells of the agent, the cells then impart motion to the surrounding ether in the form of waves which impinge on the brain cells of the percipient and give rise to a corresponding thought to that which started the ethereal wave motion.

This theory offers great difficulties. An opponent to it points out that “A wireless message is transmitted by a succession of single ethereal wave impulses produced by the electric sparks at the starting station and received by the coherer at the receiving station, whereas a diagram to be transmitted would require a number of brain-waves produced simultaneously and arranged in the form of the diagram


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