Superstitions Of Witchcraft


The Origin, Prevalence, and Variety of Superstition—The Belief in Witchcraft the most horrid
Form of Superstition—Most flourishing in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries—The
Sentiments of Addison, Blackstone, and the Lawyers of the Eighteenth Century upon the
Subject—Chaldean and Persian Magic—Jewish Witchcraft—Its important Influence on
Christian and Modern Belief—Greek Pharmacy and Sorcery—Early Roman Laws against
Conjuration and Magic Charms—Crimes perpetrated, under the Empire, in connection with
Sorceric Practices—The general Persecution for Magic under Valentinian and Valens—German
and Scandinavian Sagæ—The probable Origin of the general Belief in an Evil Principle.

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Superstitions Of Witchcraft

‘THE SUPERSTITIONS OF WITCHCRAFT is designed to exhibit a consecutive review of the characteristic forms and facts of a creed which  in the seventeenth century was a living and lively faith, and caused thousands of victims to be sent to the torture-chamber, to the stake, and to the scaffold. At this day, the remembrance of its superhuman art, in its different manifestations, is immortalised in the every-day language of the people.


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